How Does the 360 Photo Booth Work?

How Does the 360 Photo Booth Work?

The 360 Photo Booth Camera is designed to fit a wide range of existing DSLR cameras; it also works with the latest smartphones. The magic is in our lenses and software.

While every camera model requires a different specific lens, we offer six different sets of lenses that will work with your existing equipment: 50mm/80mm, 85mm/105mm, 105mm/135mm, 100mm/150mm, 200mm/300m and 18-200m all for Nikon F mount or Canon EF Mount.

This means that no matter which camera you have (be it an entry-level point and shoot to a pro Full Frame), or even if you use an iPhone 8+ (though this is not recommended), you will be able to create 360 images for publishing on the web or even print.

And with our patented software, you will be able to turn your photos into interactive, immersive, and sharable experiences in just a few minutes.

The beauty of this system is its simplicity and flexibility. It can be used by anyone with any camera from entry-level point and shoots up to professional Full Frame cameras and lenses alike - simultaneously! 


How Does it Work?

Stitching several images requires specialist knowledge with complicated software that often takes hours to complete a picture with traditional panoramic photography. 

However, with our patented process and unique lenses, we can accurately stitch 360 images in seconds - even if some of the original photos are out of order - and it can be done on any platform, including iOS, Mac, or PC.

Not only does our technology produce perfect stitched imagery, but it also works with most types of the camera, whether they are mounted on a tripod, handheld, or even attached to one's body. 

You don't even need to have your subject looking directly into the lens as long as there is enough overlap between each captured image.

By attaching a single lens capable of capturing full 360 x 180 degrees (depending on which model you get) to a DSLR body, it then connects wirelessly via WIFI so that the user can upload images directly to their smartphone via a companion app. This allows for easy sharing on all social media platforms and even printing. The camera can also stitch images using a direct USB connection to an iOS or Android device, which means that nearly anyone with little technical knowledge can run a complete setup. 


What is the Importance of 360 Photo Booth?

In addition to this, you do not need any special software or hardware. As long as you have access to your phone's WIFI settings, you're good to go, though we recommend downloading our companion apps so that you get the best experience possible.

While every 360 Photo Booth Camera has been specifically designed for each camera model, they are basically all made up of the same components required to create 360 x 180-degree spherical images that can be edited and shared in minutes:

  • One or Two 180º Fisheye Lenses ($100-$450 / $200-$650) mounted on a Pan Head ($20-$50) adapted to your camera body (typically via adapter rings or mounts for a specific camera model).
  • USB connection of the lens(es) wirelessly to an iOS or Android device
  • An app capable of connecting directly with the lenses via WIFI, apps are available from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 
  • 360 Photo Booth Camera is compatible with all major smartphones, including iPhone 8+, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8+ & Note 8 as well as the new Pixel 3 & iPhone XS

As long as your smartphone has a camera on the front and back (and nearly every phone made within the last five years does), you can use it to capture 360 photos for printing or sharing online. 

And while most phones now have pretty good built-in cameras, that's where our unique lenses come into play, allowing you to capture imagery like no other smartphone can do today.

While the possibilities are virtually endless, there is one main reason people choose our technology over other platforms: Speed! 

It takes just seconds to create a 360 x 180-degree image with stunning clarity and detail that can be shared immediately via social media or even printed out for display purposes. It's not only fast and easy but there is also no stitching required, making the process fool-proof.


Key Takeaway

A 360 Photobooth is best for any occasion. The art is digitalized and convenient for people to take part on any occasion without any hassle. Of course, you need a good camera and a laptop.

The art of photography has yet to be replaced with the use of digital cameras. The 360 Photo Booth is also an artistic way of taking photos whenever you want. It is a digital camera that takes panorama or 360-degree images. These photos are more than just an image taken with the help of a photo capturing machine.