Photo Booth Scam Websites. How do you know if they are real?

Photo Booth Scam Websites. How do you know if they are real?

How do I know if a photo booth company is legit?

There are several ways you can look up this information before dumping several thousands of dollars into a product that does not exist.

We have seen this many times before. Here is how the scam is works.

The scammers make a copy cat website that can fool the average consumer. Then they advertise on Google or even Facebook to lure in their prey.

They repeat this scam with multiple fake websites until they are satisfied with the money they have collected.

We urge all of our shoppers to please do their DUE DILIGENCE before buying any product online.

Here are the steps to take when researching a website to buy a 360 photo booth, mirror photo booth or any other product on the internet:

1. Look up the Who Is data on the domain. This data will tell you who the domain name is registered to and when it was registered. Most of the time domains are protected by privacy which is understandable because companies do not want their data all over the internet.

The key take away here is to look up the date the domain was registered. You can visit this link here to type in the domain in question:

Here is a sample:

Photo Booth Scam Website

We can see that this domain was registered on 8/7/21. A newly registered domain should always be questioned.


2. Check the scammers website for additional information:

Hmmm.. looks like they straight jacked us for our photos..



3. Looks like they have excellent reviews. Let's go check that out!


As you can see, the photos on their reviews do not even match what is listed on the website.

If you look closely, they advertise a Round 360 and the fake review has an Octagon 360. 🤦🏽‍♂️

This is a super RED FLAG!

They probably stole this photo off Google or something.

Let's test it out...

I downloaded a image from one of their reviews.. Now let's drop it into Google Images and see what happens..


Here are the results.. 

Wow! Looks like they stole this image for their 5 star reviews off a Twitter account.. Let's take a look..


Here is the link to the stolen image for the reviews.. Look familiar? Here is the link:




Fact: Posting fake reviews on a website is punishable by the Federal Trade Commission with a minimum fine of $250,000.

3. Check the website for an address.

No where on their website is a listed address.

Another RED FLAG!

4. Ask if you can visit them to verify that they actually exist.

If they do not have an address, ask to visit them in person.

Let's see what happens when I asked one of these scammers if I can pay for the booth in person and pick it up.

So let's see what happened here, I can’t pay for it in person or I can't even see it in person even though I told him I would be in the area. Hmm.. 🤔 

Also, when I asked him to FaceTime me to see what I am buying they just ignored me. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Crickets 🦗 

5. Ask the seller what forms of payments are used to pay for the product. If they ask you to use then you will not get a refund.

Sending a personal payment from person to person on is different from send an invoice from PayPal as a business. P2P transaction is sorta like Venmo. You can't get a refund on Venmo.

Run away fast.. if the scammers ask you for this type of transaction. 🏃‍♂️ 

In conclusion, if the price looks too good to be true. It probably is. Unfortunately, I know these scammers are stealing peoples money.

The customers from these scam websites are asking us for updates on their shipping status and billing information. 

I really feel for the people being scammed. I hate watching these scammers take your hard earned money.

We do have our authorized dealers. Please ask us who they are and we can verify them with you.

Please do your research and good luck out there!

Your friend,