Why You Should Consider Hiring A 360 Photo Booth For Your Next Event

Why You Should Consider Hiring A 360 Photo Booth For Your Next Event

These 360 Photo Booths are a great way to get memorable, unique photos of your attendees at your next event. 

They provide a unique experience that will help you stand out from other events and get more long-term benefits from the investment in the equipment. 

Here are nine reasons why you should consider hiring a 360 Photo Booth for your next event:

1) Branded Content For Social Media

One of the biggest challenges with events is creating content to post on social media about it after it's done - especially if there were no branded photo opportunities available to guests at your event.

Hiring a 360 Photo Booth can solve this problem by automatically providing you with high-quality and personalized images. 

These show off the highlights of your event and allow you to create great social media posts that will help you promote the success of your event to others.


2) Unique Way To Get Guests Engaged And Interested In Your Event

360 Photo Booths are a great way to ensure that your guests are having fun and engaged at your event.

They provide you with a unique experience unlike anything else available, so they help you create a memorable experience from which you can build interest in upcoming events and attract repeat visits from those who attended the original event.


3) Visitors Love Taking Part In The Experience

One of the best reasons to have a 360 Photo Booth at your event is that it gives visitors an awesome experience that they will want to share with others.

They provide you with unique images and customized designs, so people can post them on their social media pages and let everyone see how much fun they had at your event. 

This helps spread positive word-of-mouth about your company and overall helps attract more interest in upcoming events and products and services you offer.


 4) Instant Access To Downloads Means You Can Use Them Immediately After Events And Get More Interest

Another reason for having a 360 Photo Booth is that it gives you instant access to all the downloads afterward.


5) A Unique And Memorable Experience For Attendees

One of the biggest draws for anyone attending an event is to have a good time and experience something unique as part of their visit. 

Having an interactive photo opportunity like a 360 Photo Booth at your next event is a great way to offer this kind of experience and ensure that your attendees walk away with some amazing, high-quality content they can share on social media.


6) Increase Brand Awareness With Your Event's Attendees As Well As Their Friends & Family That May Not Have Attended The Event Itself

Providing interactive experiences for guests at events helps increase brand awareness because more people can share your content with others who may not have been at the event themselves or even heard of your organization before. 

This is especially true for 360 Photo Booths, where people can look through photos taken at an event on their own and easily tag their friends in them, providing a great way for you to increase the reach of your brand storytelling.


7) Capture Behind-The-Scenes Content For Your Event's Instagram Story

Instagram has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for brands because it allows them to create unique, interesting images and videos - but only for 24 hours. 

Hiring a 360 Photo Booth can solve this problem by automatically capturing behind-the-scenes images without you having to lift a finger after the event is over.


8) Drive Instagram Engagement And Captivate Your Audience

When you have users tagging their friends in your 360 Photo Booth photos at the event, it increases the chances that they'll see each other's posts and engage with them. 

This not only helps increase brand awareness for your organization. It also adds a new way to capture engagement from attendees by allowing them to share content related to your event exclusively on your channel. 

You can then take the photos that are automatically captured and create a themed Instagram Story. 

Make stories that provide a behind-the-scenes look about the before and after. The stories you create let people know what is the inside look into the success of your event.


9) Leverage The Desire For A Realistic 360 Experience When It Comes To Virtual Reality & Immersive Technologies

One of the biggest reasons brands and organizations hire virtual reality (VR) companies. 

This is to help them tell their stories with these technologies is because they want them to be as real as possible - and hiring a 360 Photo Booth for your next event is one of the most effective ways you can do that.

When attendees are taking photos with these experiences, they feel like they're experiencing it themselves. 

It makes them want to share the stories you create with their friends and networks even more than if you had hired a standard virtual reality company to come in and do it for you instead. 

The added benefit of 360 Photo Booths is that the whole experience happens in real-time, allowing people to take turns in the booth without waiting around too long to get inside it.




So, for your next event, make sure to hire the best 360 photo booth. You'll provide your attendees with a unique, fun experience that sets the tone for the rest of the event.

The photos provided by these booths are also high-quality, personalized content. They can use these to help promote the success of your event in advance and well after it's finished - which is why hiring one should be at the top of every planning team's list when getting ready for an upcoming company function or event.