Premium Clear Protective Decal (Scratch-Resistant and Slip-Resistant)

Premium Clear Protective Decal (Scratch-Resistant and Slip-Resistant)

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Protect your investment with this clear protective film.  With its tough scratch-resistant surface, you can be sure it'll help protect the surface of your newly bought RevoSpin platform.  It's also slip-resistant certified to help reduce slips and falls for anyone on the platform.  The luster/matte finish diffuses the LED lights below while still allowing them to shine through.

For a more CLEAR, un-diffused look, visit our standard clear protective film decal that still provides great protection!



ASTM D 1894 Slip Resistance Certified

✅ Scratch-Resistant Film

✅ Luster finish (similar to Frosted)

✅ Removable, Pressure-activated adhesive for easy repositioning during installation

* NOTE: Does not include logo.  This is only for a clear, protective film


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