How To Use Google Ads For Your Photo Booth Business

How To Use Google Ads For Your Photo Booth Business

When it comes to paid advertising for photo booth operators, things can get tricky. With a lot of saturation in the market, competition is fierce. You need to take advantage of every potential lead out there if you want to be able to keep up. When you have the right advertising in place, there’s no telling where your photo booth rental business might go. 

If you’re ready to invest in something that will get measurable results and keep your company relevant, it’s time to add Google Ads to your marketing strategy. The way Google Ads works is through a traditional pay-per-click model. It’s an excellent way to target the right demographic for your business and gain real data and insights into the performance of your marketing content. In fact, 96% of brands are currently using Google Ads as part of their marketing strategy. So, if you’re not already using this for your photo booth rental business, you’d better sign up.

If you’ve already opted-in to Google Ads, great! You’re already well on your way to improved performance and increased profits. Like any digital tool though, you must take a little time, in the beginning, to familiarize yourself with the interface and features available.  


Before you can get into any details, you need to get yourself set up on the Google Ads platform. Thankfully, the whole process is very straightforward. First, you’ll need to create a Google account for your photo booth rental business. Make sure you store any login information in a secure but accessible place. You want to be able to always access your campaigns. Once you have your account set up, you simply create and name your campaign. Make sure you have done the research and planning beforehand because you are investing money each time you run a campaign. When it comes to the settings, you’ll want to adjust them to fit the campaign goal and content in question. 

The settings you need to consider are:

  • Location – where are your customers?
  • Language – which languages will your campaign target?
  • Bid Strategy – when will you place bids?
  • Budget – how much can you afford to spend?
  • Ad Extensions

Once you’re done with this step, you’re all set to start your first campaign for your photo booth rental business!


One of the great features of Google Ads is a section that allows you to use negative keywords. If you’re not familiar with the term, Google defines a “negative keyword” as “a type of keyword that prevents your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase.” By listing a keyword as negative, you are telling Google to not showcase your photo booth marketing to anyone who enters that particular keyword into a search. 

For example, if you want to target people looking for photo booth rentals, you might enter “photo booth sales” as a negative keyword. This would prevent someone who is looking for a sale rather than a rental from seeing your ad. Using negative keywords help ensure that your ad dollars are being spent to target potential customers with the most ideal intentions!

Some examples of negative keywords may be:

  • Cheap photo booth rentals
  • DIY photo booth rentals
  • DIY photo booths
  • Discount photo booths

Feel free to use whatever negative keywords make the most sense for your business. If you have a discount option, you might not want that on your negative keyword list, for example. Maybe even create a list of positive and negative terms to associate with your photo booth rental business.


A huge part of any great marketing plan is visibility, and that is even more important for your photo booth rental business. If you want to maximize the efficacy of your Google Ads, you need to make sure they’re being seen by the right audience. There are a couple of different ways you can start improving the performance of your Google Ads online. 

How can you maximize your ad’s visibility? 

The first thing you should be doing to ensure visibility is by using every available character that Google allows. When you put more “ink” on the screen, there’s a much higher chance you’ll hit the target words of potential customer searches. This gives you a much better shot at appearing in the right places.

Google Ads also features a handy extension tool, which allows a user to add additional information about their business which will then be displayed randomly – and at Google’s discretion – underneath their ad. This section can include anything from contact information, location, pricing rates, and reviews. 

If you take the time to optimize these components of your Google Ads campaigns and settings, you’re already setting yourself up for success.


Any time you plan on working with ads, keep in mind you’re going to need a budget. Before you start any Google Ads campaign, you need to run the numbers and come up with some boundaries. Once you have reached that set budget, Google will stop showing your ads until the next day, which begins at midnight. 

The cost of displaying an ad can change drastically throughout the day. For example, in the morning, ads cost more than during the afternoon. Those who have a larger operating budget might just simply opt for the more expensive, busy advertising time slots, but if you’re operating on a much tighter stipend, using Google’s Ad Scheduler to maximize their dollars is a must.  

A lot of photo booth rental business owners forget to take advantage of this feature, meaning that by mid-afternoon there is a discernible drop in Ads prices per click. This is generally because the budget runs out by a certain time of day. By paying close attention to the costs-per-click and other metrics, you can fine-tune your ads to ensure you are saving money while getting the results you want.


You might be tempted to use keywords that cover a broader audience; however, broad match keywords shouldn’t be part of your Photo booth rental business Google Ads campaign. Unfortunately, having such a wide spread of targets means lower chances for conversion—which means wasted ad dollars. Stick to the keywords you know perform well and you’ll see a much better return on your investment.

Lastly, don’t be shy to research! Keeping up with the trends is a huge part of any successful marketing strategy. When you run a photo booth rental business, it’s important to find new ways to incorporate your product with different events in new and exciting ways. You need to make sure you’re always up to date with Google Ads best practices, so you know you’re getting the most out of your investment. Since digital marketing is always evolving, monitoring Google’s own Google Ads advice is always a smart decision.

Now that you know how to market your photo booth business effectively using Google Ads, check out some of our other services and add-ons at LA Photo Party to start generating more revenue today!