Top Benefits of a 360 Photo Booth Business

Top Benefits of a 360 Photo Booth Business

The hi-tech era has made a huge impact on the business world. As a result, businesses are always trying to find an edge over their competition - and having a 360 photo booth will ensure your company stays relevant in today's society.

Why? That's because a 360 photo booth will help to distinguish your business from the competition, boost brand image, and associate an immediate sense of fun with your company.

Here are some benefits of starting a 360 photo booth business:


1) You can charge by event length instead of the number of photos taken.

The number of photos taken at an event doesn't matter anymore. This is because people are using fewer disposable cameras and instead want to utilize their smartphones for pictures. 

And if you have a high-tech 360 photo booth, you can easily switch over to video mode, which allows people to take short videos rather than just snaps.

Most events today last anywhere from 2-4 hours - so even if this is the case and no one wants to stop taking photos, they still aren't going to use up the full amount of time your package covers! Plus, with a variety of venues and backdrops available, no two parties will ever be alike.


2) People are more comfortable in front of a camera.

So adding staff to your team shouldn't be an issue. Although you have the capital and desire to purchase a 360 photo booth, we recommend finding a way for multiple people to share the workload and maximize usage and time.


3) Sales, marketing & advertising possibilities are endless.

As mentioned above, having a 360 photo booth brings instant fun - so why not market that? Let people know that they'll have such as good time at your event that they'll never want to leave.

 During our time in the industry, it became obvious that people are more comfortable taking pictures when they have a friend or two by their side.

It's also way easier to market your business if you're able to post photos of everyone who attended an event on your social media pages.


4) You'll get repeat clients.

A 360 photo booth is a hit at any party as it gets people together, creates memories, and gives them something to look back on.

 People will continue coming back again and again for your services, especially if they host weddings or other special events. It's easy to make business personal when you remember the faces of people who've supported you.


5) The customers love the interactive props.

The 360 photo booths provide users with an array of props that generate great memories - hence the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words." 

You'll find that people can't help themselves smile when you hand them these items, which makes taking photos so much fun!


6) It's easy to build up a portfolio.

Most businesses have a hard time finding professional images of their work - but not you! With a 360 photo booth, you can snap tons of photos of your events and share them online.

This will not only give potential customers to look at your work, but it'll also show off the quality of your photography to other business owners.


7) You can take photos for free!

We'd recommend getting an Android tablet or iPad and attaching it to the booth itself if you want to try taking pictures yourself. 

All you need is a USB drive, which is dirt cheap these days, and within seconds you'll have all the images stored for viewing purposes. You can even upload them online directly from that device - how cool is that?

The possibilities are endless when starting a 360 photo booth business today - so why not take advantage of this booming industry? Plus, there are multiple ways anyone with any level of computer skills can be.


8) It's an exciting new business that keeps you on your toes.

One of the best parts about owning a business is that it's always changing - no two days are ever the same! So there will always be something new to learn about how you can boost your company - whether it's trying out new equipment or convincing local businesses to award you with their contract for holding parties there.

The potential growth also provides many opportunities for creative marketing strategies. It allows you to work with other companies who may want to partner up so they too can benefit from what your business has to offer. If this sounds like something


The 360 photo booths offer a unique experience that will help you stand out from the other businesses in your area. If you're looking to join the photo booth business, now is the best time - so why wait?.