How Much Does A 360 Photo Booth Cost?

How Much Does A 360 Photo Booth Cost?

We've seen them, we've all taken part in a 360 Photo Booth, and they're taking the world by storm. If you haven't the pleasure, let us learn what a 360 photo is.

The idea first came about when advertisers started looking at new methods of immersive marketing which would build brand awareness and increase audience engagement.

Today's consumers need to be entertained before giving up their information or money, so marketers have been turning to Virtual Reality to connect with consumers.

Not only do these 360 photo booths entertain, but they also allow users to share their experience with friends and family instantly via social - talk about some great word of mouth!

One Question that always comes up is how much does a 360 photo booth cost?

If you're looking to take advantage of this new technology and give your customers and experience they won't forget, you're going to have to make a hefty investment.

These photo booths aren't cheap, but that's not even the worst part. If you don't know what you're doing or how much it will set you back, then your 360 photo booth venture could be in trouble before it ever gets off the ground. 

The truth is there are a lot of moving parts involved when creating your custom setup, but we've broken down the entire process for anyone who wants to roll their sleeves up and do it themselves vs. paying someone else who has already done all the heavy lifting.

So how much does a 360 photo booth cost? Let's find out..

The Booth

The first piece of the puzzle is the actual creation of your photo booth itself. When it comes to choosing a 360 photo booth design, there are two options; you can either build a custom setup or buy one-pre designed and ready to go.

Option 2 is more accessible, but before you purchase anything, be sure to do plenty of research to get what you want at an affordable price point. Then, where Can You Buy It? 

The best place to find a quality pre-designed booth is on RevSpin. This site has several products for sale, and trusted manufacturers sell most, so you can rest assured that the photo booths on this site will work as they should.

However, it's always helpful to do your homework before making such a big purchase.

The Software

What's the point of buying a 360 photo booth if no one can see your pictures? Right, so let's move on to software! Unless you have some mad Photoshop skills, I strongly suggest looking into purchasing 360 software. 

There are plenty of packages out there but not all work like they should. Before we get started with that, let me explain the difference between Interactive and Non-Interactive booths. 

Both options allow users/participants to share content instantly via social media, but there is minimal comparison when it comes to interactive, editable images vs. static image files. Image Size In non-interactive setups, each photo measures 2K x 3000 px.

Rendered images are also MUCH larger (8-12 MB) than their interactive counterparts. Interactive Frame Rates Non-Interactive booths have handled up to 1 person per second. Still, they can take upwards of 20 seconds plus for photos to process into a shareable format and edited file.

In other words, not very many people get a chance to go through your setup's live stream before the next participant comes in line. The same goes for uploads/edits, too, since it takes so long - think about how much you would gain from having everyone's modifications done instantly!


Interactive Setups!

It's no wonder why interactive setups are becoming more and more popular. The only drawback to interactive arrangements is that they're designed for one person at a time, so it's possible to have lines of people waiting their turn.

The interactive setup allows you to queue up multiple users and edit content instantly in REAL-TIME or even set up your booth for photo launch; the user has a fraction of a second before an image is taken.

This means you can grab users by the hand and place them wherever they need to get the perfect picture every time! 

Prices/Options Interactive booths can run anywhere from $6,995 - $13,500, depending on how many options you choose. Of course, the more features you have added, like lenses, gimbals, controllers, etc., will cost more.



Photo booths are popular these days. Many people already know what a photo booth is. For you to save more money, it is best to research first where to purchase the item.

RevoSpin has several 360 photo booths that are affordable. You can share your photos instantly. You also can choose which type you can get.