Pipe and Base Backdrop Stand Kit Only
Pipe and Base Backdrop Stand Kit Only
Pipe and Base Backdrop Stand Kit Only
Pipe and Base Backdrop Stand Kit Only
Pipe and Base Backdrop Stand Kit Only

Pipe and Base Backdrop Stand Kit Only

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The best photo booth backdrop is right in front of you. This Pipe and Drape Backdrop Stand Kit is the most convenient if you are always on the go. Buy it today and make your load in and load out easy and efficient. Start making money and stop wasting time on those flimsy backdrop stand.

This backdrop stand is engineered to make any photo booth owner's life simple and easy. We created 2 hand holes for you to easily grab the plate. It's not heavy, and it's not light also. Base plate weight is only 9.6lbs which gives you the stability that you need as a photo booth owner setting up.

Don't get stuck with those tradeshow base plates that weigh too heavy. Our base plate has 3 adjustable holes to fit your exact needs. 1 in the center for counterbalance, 1 on the back if you are setting up your backdrop by the wall, and one on the edge if you really want to eliminate the dead space from the 2 corners.


Heavy Duty Steel Base Plates with Screw on Couplings, Aluminum Uprights, and Crossbar with adjustable Hight Push Pin Setup. Designed to raise up to 8 ft tall and 8 ft wide. The Uprights and crossbar will collapse down to 5ft tall and 5ft wide. All for easy transportation to and from the event location.


Heavy-Duty steel Base Plate that measures only 15" X 14" and 3/16" thick, Aluminum Uprights and Crossbar with 2” diameter Upright and 1 ¾” diameter Crossbar and designed to be adjustable up to 8 ft. This is perfect because it collapses down to 5ft tall which is a good fit for any standard car sedan.


Our Upright Base Plate has 2 hand holes and cutouts on the middle to easily stack one base on top of another while the couplings are attached. Our Uprights has a pin that is easy to push to raise up and the same goes for the crossbar. Let’s face it, the fastest you get out of your event and get in the next event, the more money you make.


Total Weight:

Box Sizes:
Box 1 - 65" X 11" X 5" - 12.89 lbs
Box 2 - 15" X 14" X 1" - 20 lbs


  • 2 Base Plates
  • 2 Uprights
  • 1 Crossbar
  • 2 Couplings
  • 2 Rubber Cap
  • 1 Allen Wrench


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