Red Sequin Photo Booth Backdrop

Red Sequin Photo Booth Backdrop

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If you want to add more sparkly and charm to your next photo shoot then a sequin backdrop is exactly what you need! We designed this blush sequin backdrop to effortlessly add more charm, style and a touch of fun to any pictures you take to make any party or event truly unforgettable.

What makes a sequin backdrop the perfect choice for every occasion? It uses thousands of 18mm red sequins that allow you to create any shape, drawing, and even write messages and anything else you want on the backdrop using just your fingertips.

It’s the perfect choice for prom, birthday parties, baby showers, baby photo shoots and any other occasion you have in mind to take truly memorable photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

More Features You’ll Love

✅ Each red sequin backdrop is 8x8 ft making it just the right size for any event

✅ Non-reversible, uses solid backing to prevent light from passing through

✅ It flows seamlessly to provide hours of fun and countless memorable photos

✅ The sequins use heavy-duty stitches to prevent them from falling off

✅ Durable enough to handle daily use making it ideal for casual and professional use

Lead time: 30 Days

What’s included?

 ✅ 8x8 ft Red Sequin Photo Booth Backdrop

What you will need:

 ✅ Revospin 8x10 Heavy Duty Adjustable Frame


Size: 8x8 ft

Total weight: 7.5 lbs

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