The Ultimate Digital LED Screen DJ Booth Facade
The Ultimate Digital LED Screen DJ Booth Facade
The Ultimate Digital LED Screen DJ Booth Facade
The Ultimate Digital LED Screen DJ Booth Facade
The Ultimate Digital LED Screen DJ Booth Facade
The Ultimate Digital LED Screen DJ Booth Facade

The Ultimate Digital LED Screen DJ Booth Facade

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Introducing the LED Screen DJ Booth, a cutting-edge entertainment centerpiece that seamlessly blends technology and style. Crafted with an elegant aluminum frame, this booth redefines the concept of a traditional DJ setup by incorporating a dynamic and visually stunning LED screen.

The frame itself exudes a sleek and modern aesthetic, with its lightweight yet durable aluminum construction. The aluminum frame not only provides a sturdy foundation but also offers a clean and polished appearance, making it a perfect addition to any event or venue.

The true magic of the LED Screen DJ Booth lies in its captivating LED screen panel, seamlessly integrated into the front and side face of the booth. This high-resolution LED screen boasts vibrant and vivid colors, allowing for an immersive visual experience that enhances the atmosphere of any event. 

The LED screen panel is designed to display a variety of captivating visuals, including custom graphics, animations, live feeds, music visualizations, and even interactive elements. DJs can synchronize their music with the LED screen, creating a mesmerizing audio-visual synergy that captivates the audience and adds an extra layer of excitement to the performance.

The versatility of the LED Screen DJ Booth is further enhanced by its customizable features. The LED screen can also be programmed and controlled to display a wide range of content, from branded visuals to stunning visual effects that match the ambiance of the event.

Beyond its visual appeal, the LED Screen DJ Booth offers practical functionality. The booth provides ample space for DJs to perform, with integrated storage compartments for equipment, cables, and accessories. The aluminum frame not only contributes to the booth's aesthetics but also ensures structural integrity and stability, allowing DJs to focus on their performance without any concerns.

Whether it's a nightclub, music festival, corporate event, or private party, the LED Screen DJ Booth is a true showstopper that elevates the entertainment experience to new heights. With its seamless integration of aluminum craftsmanship and mesmerizing LED screen technology, this booth stands as a testament to innovation, style, and the power of immersive visuals in the world of DJ performances.

Be the first in your city to have the THE ULTIMATE LED SCREEN DJ BOOTH FACADE!

Lead Time: 5-6 Weeks

Dimensions: Length: 40inches x Width: 24inches x Height: 59inches

Total Shipping Weight: 120 lbs


    ✅  5 LED Panels

    ✅  Made of High Quality Road Case (Optional)

    ✅  Space Grade Aluminum Frame

    ✅  Acrylic Covers

    ✅  Double Shelf

    ✅  Mirror Edge

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