6 Photo Booth Types That Are Worth Buying

6 Photo Booth Types That Are Worth Buying

Are you planning to buy a photo booth? Well, you need to know what photo booth types are out there on the market. It can get challenging when choosing the kind of photo booth to buy. Many are for sale right now.

A photo booth is best for every event. It also can give you good business to start with. You can have a photo booth rental business. For you to get a hang of what are the photo booth types, you need to check the list that we have.

Several aspects can be considered when buying a photo booth. It all depends on what you use it for. To make it easier for you to decide, here are some photo booth types that are worth buying now.


The Classic Photo Booth Type

This kind is the most common type of photo booth machine. The Classic Photo Booth lets you take pictures and email these pictures right away. Printouts are available for this type. The images are usually in 4R sizes.

Classic Photo Booth is usually safe to use for events. This photo booth is perfect for corporate conferences. You also can use it for any other formal occasions. It is a very straightforward type. You have a photo booth and a printer. 

You can always rent this kind of photo booth from a trusted vendor. You also can buy this one from vendors who have different types of photo booths for sale. The Classic Photo Booth is a great addition to your party.


The Open Air Photo Booth Type

If you always host a big party, the open-air type is perfect for you. The open-air type adds fun to the event. Guests can see if other guests are having fun in the photo booth. It is a perfect booth for a group of friends.

The open-air type lets you capture moments with everybody in the picture. Most of the time, this type of photo booth is less expensive and easy to set up. You only need a small space to set up the open-air type of photo booth.

It is a type of photo booth that’s low maintenance. You only need to set up a backdrop and a camera outdoors. A perfect addition to your outdoor parties. Bring the fun of your party to the great outdoors with the open-air photo booth.


The Magic Mirror Photo Booth Type

The magic mirror photo booth is like a full-length mirror. It is perfect for events that have themes. Each magic mirror has different frames. You can go for the old and classic ones or go for the modern side frames.

The Magic Mirror is a great addition to make your events fun. Your guests are likely to enjoy taking pictures from this photo booth. It is one to look forward to. Have fun capturing moments in a full-length mirror.

Guests feel like having a mirror at the party. Capture the moments in full size. Let the Magic Mirror type add fun to your events. Choose the best frame to add to the theme. Make the most of your party with the photo booth.


The 180-Degree Photo Booth Type

Bring a unique cinematic adventure to your party. Also known as the matrix photo booth or the bullet time, the 180-degree photo booth adds fun to your events. Cameras are arranged in a semicircle. Each camera takes photos of each side.

This kind of photo booth gives you a different photo experience. This is a cool setup. The 180-degree photo booth is best if you have a big space. This kind of photo booth takes up space.

Parties are meant to be fun. Adding a photo booth to the setup makes it exciting. The 180-Degree Photo Booth gives your guests movie-type fun. Let them talk about your event. Once they enjoy it, they will always talk about it.


The 360-Degree Photo Booth Type

This kind of photo booth has the same effect as the 180-degree photo booth but has wider coverage. You can set this up in a whole room since it takes up more space. A fun experience for your event.

Make it fun for your guests. Let the party stand out with this kind of photo booth. Always make the most out of the events. Add the 360-Degree Photo Booth to it. You will make this moment memorable at all times.

The 360-Degree Photo Booth makes your party more fun. Guests can gather in this photo booth and take photos of each angle in 360 degrees. You need to understand that this type is big and needs a bigger space.


The Revolving Photo Booth Type

The revolving kind uses one camera that revolves around a platform. It is a cheaper choice but has a similar effect to the 360-Degree Photo Booth. Guests can stand on the platform and have their photos taken.

Photos can capture all angles. The camera can take pictures while the platform revolves. A fun way to spend a special occasion with friends. Capture fun moments with the Revolving Photo Booth Type.

Capture the moments in full circle with the revolving kind. The photo booth makes the party fun. Let your guests experience the revolving photo booth. They’ll bring memories home that will last a lifetime.



Buying a photo booth takes a lot of consideration. You need to understand how you want to use your photo booth. The list of photo booth types here is some of the best kinds. You can check these on any photo booth vendor.

Each type of photo booth has its use. You can get a classic one that captures the moment and sends the images into your email immediately. You also can get the 360-Degree kind. It captures all angles, takes up a larger space, and can take pictures for a group of friends together.

Whatever you choose, always know that a photo booth is a good buy. You can use the photo booth for all occasions. You also can start a rental business with it. You can collect different kinds of photo booths and have these rented out.