The Apex 360 Photo Booth Enclosure
The Apex 360 Photo Booth Enclosure
The Apex 360 Photo Booth Enclosure

The Apex 360 Photo Booth Enclosure

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The Apex 360 Photobooth Enclosure is perfect for your photo booth rental.

Pair your 360 spinner with a custom Apex 360 LED Photo Booth Enclosure. Our LED enclosures are sure to attract the crowd and keep them entertained for hours.

All of our enclosures are equipped with multi-colored RGB LED light tubes to make your 360 videos look amazing!

Lead time: 1-2 weeks


3 Panels with LED Lights

✅ Easy Setup, Lightweight

✅ Multi-Colored RGB LED Lights (6 LED Lights Per Panels)

 ✅ Accommodates Guests Of All Sizes 

✅ Easy to Transport


Vertical Panel Size: 3 x 7.2 ft


Steph Knox

It's huge and includes a blower. The blower is a bit loud though. The storage bag needs to be bigger. I used this 360 enclosure in all party and event bookings, the guests liked it.

Finn Leworthy

The Apex Lite 360 Photo Booth Enclosure is simple to set up and the space inside is surprising.
The material feels good and well-built. This will be a big hit. Recommended store!

Jason Greenfield

The LEDs are awesome! This will definitely catch a lot of people's eyes on any occasion, wedding, or event in general. I really recommend it.

Will Norman

The lights looked amazing during the evening. I highly recommend this unique item to add to your events. I recommend it 100%!

Dominic Grishin

Great photo booth and definitely a necessity for all events!

Brianna Holme

Everyone loves the opportunity to create various colors. It's big enough for many people to get in the shot!

Holly Florence

Allure LED is the perfect match for my octagon 360 Booth. Recommended store for all 360 products!

Ibel Salcido

The inflatable LED 360 booth is made with thick material and has good seams. Thumbs up!

Gualterio Griego

We use this enclosure booth for the first time in a wedding event, we put our round 360 photo booth inside and it was lit! A great attraction for guests. If we'll use the classic photo booth, the enclosure fits 4-6 people.

Mike Zimmer

The item was excellent for any type of party events.

Sierra Raya

A great addition to any indoor and outdoor party. I highly recommend this for 360 view camera would be amazing inside this.

Eric Muench

This is 100% worth it!! It gives a clean look for pictures but at the same time gives you the privacy you want when taking pictures or 360 videos.

Adam Espinoza

This inflatable enclosure is definitely what you need whether you have your 360 photo booth or classic photo booth.

Bernd Wirtz

Very easy to assemble, I like it a lot, the lights and everything worked fine. The LEDs are not that vibrant in the daytime but love them in the dark.

Luca Schulz

If you're looking for an easy-to-use and effective 360 photo booth enclosure, 360 sky led photo booth enclosure is a great option. The material feels good and well-built, making it a big hit at any event. Plus, the space inside is surprisingly spacious - perfect for capturing all your friends and family in one go! Highly recommended store.

Werner Carrera

Illuminate any occasion with the beauty of LED lights! From weddings to events, these LEDs will attract attention and delight. A must-have for creating unforgettable memories.

Dorthe Lange

From the magical evening of lights to the bustling business scene, this seller has been integral in delivering top-notch products quickly and efficiently. I wholeheartedly endorse their unique item - it's an absolute must for any special occasion!

Kim Josefsen

In the evening, your event will be illuminated with a stunning display of lights. Invest in this unique product - you won't regret it. This item is sure to take your events up a notch and get rave reviews!

Amber Eberhart

They are very helpful and answered all my queries. I will definitely be doing more business with Revospin.

Liora Tejeda

I did not wait very long and no parts missing. I'm very satisfied. RevoSpin is recommended shop

Dom Theissen

The product quality is great, my friends and I used it to make an awesome video. We all liked it. We will definitely use this in our future event bookings. Thank you so much!

Melvin Rodriguez

This Inflatable LED 360 booth exceeded my expectations! It's huge and can only fit 4-6 people. The noise from the air pump it’s not overpowering.