RevoSpin RM-4 Round 360 (27") Photo Booth Deluxe Package (MANUAL SPIN, TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED)
RevoSpin RM-4 Round 360 (27") Photo Booth Deluxe Package (MANUAL SPIN, TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED)
RevoSpin RM-4 Round 360 (27") Photo Booth Deluxe Package (MANUAL SPIN, TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED)
RevoSpin RM-4 Round 360 (27") Photo Booth Deluxe Package (MANUAL SPIN, TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED)
RevoSpin RM-4 Round 360 (27") Photo Booth Deluxe Package (MANUAL SPIN, TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED)
RevoSpin RM-4 Round 360 (27") Photo Booth Deluxe Package (MANUAL SPIN, TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED)
RevoSpin RM-4 Round 360 (27") Photo Booth Deluxe Package (MANUAL SPIN, TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED)
RevoSpin RM-4 Round 360 (27") Photo Booth Deluxe Package (MANUAL SPIN, TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED)
RevoSpin RM-4 Round 360 (27") Photo Booth Deluxe Package (MANUAL SPIN, TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED)
RevoSpin RM-4 Round 360 (27") Photo Booth Deluxe Package (MANUAL SPIN, TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED)
RevoSpin RM-4 Round 360 (27") Photo Booth Deluxe Package (MANUAL SPIN, TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED)

RevoSpin RM-4 Round 360 (27") Photo Booth Deluxe Package (MANUAL SPIN, TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED)

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Experience the 360 revolution with the most portable 360 photo booth in the market. No cords or hassle, just manually spin the articulating arm for an ultra smooth rotation. 

The RevoRound is extremely easy to transport and setup so you can be in and out of your event in minutes.

If you know how to record a video on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat then the 360 photo booth software will be super easy for you to figure out.

Make your money back in just 2 to 3 events! The average rental for the 360 photo booths is around $500 per hour! 🤑

🤔 Let's do the math:

One 3 hour rental = $500 x 3 hours = $1500

Do this twice in one month: 2 x $1500 = $3000

Your investment will be FULLY PAID OFF! Plus extra on the side for some Starbucks. 😋

So what do we suggest you do? When you start to get double and triple booked, buy more platforms to scale your business. 

With just two 360 platforms it is possible to make a 6 figure yearly income!!


If you rent out two of your 360 photo booths (3 hour rentals each) every weekend you will make roughly $12k per month. Now times that by 12 months...

Thats $144k!! 😮

You see, sky is the limit... and what we love about this new product is that if you put in the work you will reap the benefits.

Trends like this come once in awhile.. do not hesitate.. RIDE THE WAVE!! 🏄‍♂️

Watch this 360 photo booth behind the scenes video!

Check out this video to see how easy it is to spin the arm!

See this video for 360 Photo Booth Demonstration

Andrew from California Came to Visit Us in Las Vegas!

Shanetta from Chicago Came to Visit Us in Las Vegas!

Customers Love The 360 Experience At WMBA

Puff from Hemet, California Came to Visit Us in Los Angeles!

Catina from Atlanta, Georgia Came to Visit Us in Las Vegas!

Customers Love The 360 Experience At Fresh Wata


✅ FREE 3 Month Subscription RevoSpin 360 App Pro+ (100’s of premade templates)

✅ FREE Personal 1-on-1 software training ($297 Value)

✅ FREE 5 Page Website ($750 Value)

✅ FREE 3 Month Subscription To Linq

✅ BONUS - Access to RevoSpin's private Facebook group with other photo booth owners from around the world! Membership includes priority customer help, trainings, business ideas, marketing tips, exclusive discounts, and more! 


🇺🇸 Made In The USA

➡️ No Cords

➡️ Low Profile and Lightweight

➡️ Accommodates Guests Of All Sizes 

➡️ Easy Setup and Transport

➡️ 1 Year Manufactures Warranty


Platform Dimensions:
Base Height: 3.75”
Diameter: 27"
Arm: 56”

Travel Case Dimensions:
Width: 30”
Length: 37"
Height: 10”


Total Weight with Case:

Note: Our 360 photo booth platform does not include iPhone or electronic equipment. Recommended parts are available on our accessories page. 


Kyran D.

If you are looking for a great highlight for any event, I highly recommend the 360 photo booth. It is the most in-demand type of photo booth in my renting business due to the high-quality photos it produces in addition to the fact that it is fun and exciting.

Reilly McKay

A photo booth 360 is a video that captures 120 frames a second. It is why it's considered a not so ordinary photo booth. Because of its high quality images, many of my customers love the 360 photo booth. That is why I highly recommend it to other photo booth business owners and see how amazing it is.

Harry Coode

I was hesitant in buying a 360 photo booth from vendor at first. However, after reading the amazing feedback from their satisfied customers I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did. I now have my go-to photo booth shop that I love the service and the products. Will definitely order another photo booth again from this vendor.

Laura Weller

If you are looking for a great way to add extra flare to your event, order a 360-camera photo booth from this store. You will surely love how they assist you in choosing the right machine that fits your needs.

Isaac Duncan

I have a wedding client who wasn't contented with the highlights I offered. She particularly asked for a photo booth and I didn't have any at that time so she canceled. Client canceling out is bad for business so I decided to look into photo booths and the first kind I saw was the 360 photo booth and now I have my second photo booth which is the mirror type. Today, I always include photo booths when I create highlights for events that I organize.

Jules Grier

The 360 photo booth they are selling is incredibly helpful to my client’s event. It was my first time offering photo booth services on top of my events photo and video service and I will definitely offer more. I will also add variations so that my clients will have a lot of options.

Madeline Q.

If you are looking for a great investment, you should buy a 360 photo booth. And if you are looking for a great vendor online, I highly recommend this vendor. The entire team are friendly and helpful from day one and also offers after purchase advises. You can also buy parts and accessories for your photo booth in this store.

Peter Johnstone

I started my photo booth business last May and many of my customers love the 360 photo booth. They say it's a photo booth like no other and it provides excellent shots on their events.

Samuel Gow

Amazing photo booth vendor. I bought my first 360 photo booth from them and they assisted me in setting it up. Even today, they gladly help me out whenever I have questions during the setup process. I am really glad I chose to purchase my machine from this vendor because I saw and experienced first hand how they value their customers.

Mitchell Logan

360 photo booth is way cooler than the standard one. If you are looking for a new and unique photo booth machine, you should go for this variant. You and your guests will surely enjoy it.

Clarence Graham

The 360 photo booth is an amazing product. It is easy to assemble and could provide a great variety of shoots. Don’t take my words, buy one and you’ll see how amazing it is to own a 360 photo booth or any other photo booth.

Jett M.

During my wedding the 360 photo booth did a fantastic job. They enjoyed taking pictures especially during the cocktail hour. My guests couldn't have enough as they kept on coming back for more. This seller sent me freebies that made the whole experience more fun and memorable.

Ryan S.

I ordered 360 photo booths as a highlight for my son’s first birthday. But the machine arrived early so we decide to give it a try. Me and hubby set it up at home and did a mini photo shoot for our birthday boy. The results were amazing. You wouldn’t know it is taken from a photo booth at all. So, we decided to use these photos for the invitation and we saved money from pictorials.

Malcolm W.

When I tried my newly purchased 360 photo booth, I loved it so I am sure that my client will do too. I haven't offered it to the public yet as I am planning to use it for a personal event first to try it out. But so far, I loved its features and what it could offer.

William E.

Great product and first-rate customer support! I received the 360 photo booth itself a day early than I expected. Meanwhile, the decals arrived the same day as my first event. But still, It rocked and would love to use it for my other events as well.

Demi Wood

I was looking for ways to boost my photo booth rental business so I did some research and found out that 360 photo booths are loved by many event goers so I decided to purchase one. And it was indeed the best decision I ever made. My sales went up and now I have 2 going on 3 360 photo booths to offer my clients.

Renee Munro

My clients are always looking for new photo booth almost every month. So, I bought the 360 photo booth to add to my collection and it was a hit! My clients love how it captures the moment 360 degrees. Highly recommend this type of photo booth so make sure to grab one.

Noah D.

360 photo booths are one of the famous types of photo booths today. It captures up to 120 frames a second which means that the camera will capture every moment for you to keep. It is why I decided to purchase my first personal 360 photo booth that I let my husband operate during my events. I am so glad I decided to add it to my parties.

Kiera Reill

I'm an events organizer and since photo booths are popular, I also decided to offer photo booth rentals for events. When I bought my 360 photo booth I noticed that most of my clients loved it and it is the most rented machine from my business. So, I decided to purchase my second 360 photo booth machine to compensate for the demand.

Michelle Huard

I am always been fascinated with photo booths. However, I was specifically drawn to the vintage types. But when I saw the new versions, I was ecstatic! Photo booths evolved and they become better and more functional. So, I bought one from this seller and I am glad I did. I even use the photo booth at my photo studio where clients can shoot their own photos.

Matt Thomas

Fantastic photo booth! I got a prompt response time and good customer service. I strongly recommend buying this item from this seller.

Jamie B.

The 360 photo booth never failed me. It is a hit every time. My family, friends and colleagues are always looking forward to every party and even small gatherings that I organize because of my photo booth. I bought my first and only photo booth from this seller and I already placed an order for my second booth earlier. The response was so prompt.

Logan S.

Hi. I received the photo booth I ordered on time. However, I noticed a small chip on the box. Aside from that, there are no other issues noticed. The machine itself is working perfectly and the accessories are complete.

Max W.

I was doubtful about buying a 360 photo booth online. I bought my first two machines from a brick-and-mortar photo booth shop. It is my first time buying a machine online and I am glad I found this seller. They are friendly and helpful throughout the process. Highly recommended seller and I am happy with my 360 booth.

Patrick P.

My event turns out to be the talk within my circle because of the photo booth machine I bought from this seller last month. I know that this review is a little late but hey! It’s better late than never. Everyone loves the photo booth and compliments me about it until this time. My friends referred to my event to have a “Hollywood Feels” because of the photo booth. They feel like a star.

Finn W.

Whatever event you are planning to organize, having a 360 photo booth is a game changer. If you are looking for a photo booth seller, I highly recommend this seller. I already bought three photo booths from this seller and every transaction was exceptional.

Luke Philip

If you are looking for an easy way to capture precious moments at your events without needing to leave your guests behind, you should start setting up photo booths at your events. You will find it very helpful especially in keeping your guests entertained.

Kim L.

The entire team is very professional. They don’t just ensure that you will get the best machine but also ensures that you receive it on time for your events. This is a highly recommended seller. One of the best I dealt with online. You’re rest assured that they are legit and will assist you all throughout the shopping journey.

Evie Jacobs

Every guest at my party had a blast with the photo booth. It is an add-on that is highly recommended to ensure that your parties will be more fun.

Danielle M.

The 360 photo booth is my most saleable machine. I never thought I'll be starting a photo booth business. I was only trying to sell a friend's machine but received a lot of inquiries after I posted the photo booth on my social media account for sale. And now people contact me if they want to buy photo booths and one popular option is the 360. So, if you want to start a photo booth business make sure that you have this particular kind.

Joe McMillan

I adored this photo booth so much. It was significantly less expensive than every other photo booth products I looked at, and the quality is excellent. Additionally the seller is great! Amazing quality, value, and customer service are all provided to me.

Ryan Derrick

Of all the photo booth I owned, the 360 photo booth is my favorite. I loved the fact that it is able to capture every moment of every events. Everyone loves it and if you are looking for the best photo booth to buy, you will never go wrong with the 360 photo booth.

Madi Jamieson

I purchased the 360 photo booth about 3 weeks ago but haven't leaved any feeback whatsoever. Until I encounter issues on the photo booth that I purchased and called customer support. I love how they handled me and helped me fix the problem step by step. The photo booth is fixed now and is ready for its next event.

Marissa B.

Fantastic product received prompt responsiveness and good customer service. I highly advise buying this item from this seller.

Victoria Thompson

A long-time client of mine specifically requested a photo booth that she wanted to rent for her upcoming wedding. I never had a 360 photo booth and it wasn't on my list of things to buy. However, due to the request of my client, I decided to buy one and I'm glad I did! I got my machine last week and when I spread the word about its availability, booking started to flood. Highly recommend photo booth.

Kian L.

If you run out of ways to entertain guests at your parties, you should start adding 360 photo booths as an event highlight. You will be amazed by how well your guests will love this new addition. I know cause I did and I am thankful that I was introduced to the 360 photo booth by a colleague.

Den Bright

It was definitely among the wedding's high points. Even my 90-year-old grandfather seemed to relax in the photo booth, which seems to be the case with all the attendees. The pictures will serve as a lasting memento of our special day.

Brian Holman

At first, the photo booth we ordered worked fine with out first three trial runs. However, one week before an event the machine stops working. We contact the seller and they are very helpful. They even send us a replacement motor for the 360 camera. It arrived just in time for my team to replace the damaged motor. Thank you!

Carl Jenkins

It was my third time ordering from this seller the first two was awesome transaction. But this last one? I got my photo booth later than anticipated. I talked to the team and they apologize. I understand that it was the fault of the delivery service and I am hoping you could coordinate with your delivery team more to avoid any misroutes.

Lara Hain

I couldn't stress out how HAPPY and SATISFIED I am with the 360 photo booth that I added to my collection. I just received the machine today and was advertising it over a week ago but there are already so many reservations made. I am looking forward to my next purchase from this vendor.