T11 Vision Photo Booth Shell
T11 Vision Photo Booth Shell
T11 Vision Photo Booth Shell
T11 Vision Photo Booth Shell
T11 Vision Photo Booth Shell
T11 Vision Photo Booth Shell

T11 Vision Photo Booth Shell

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*Printer stand not included

The T11 Vision Photo Booth built for photographers looking to breakthrough in the photo booth industry. Just like the T11 Vision Photo Booth, this has a rectangular-shaped stand. There are many options to choose from, but there is nothing like the T11 Vision Photo Booth which offers high-end quality photos that will leave your guest wanting more. Built for maximum portability, the T11 Vision Photo Booth is lightweight to transport and quick to set-up. Within under 10 minutes, you have a photo booth up and running for your event.

The built-in manual tilt camera feature makes it easy to take great poses to both kids and adults. The T11 Vision Photo Booth is made of aircraft-grade aluminum to protect your equipment from getting damaged.

✅ Made In The USA With Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum

✅ Camera Tilt Knob To Accommodate Guests Of All Sizes  

✅ Breaks Down Into 6 Pieces For Easy Transport 

✅ Travel Cases Available

✅ Flash Mount On The Top for Wider Spread of Light

✅ Fits Most DSLR Cameras

✅ Fits Microsoft Surface Pro (versions 3,4,5 & 6) or Acer Alpha Switch 12

✅ Exclusively Designed for Photographer


Photo Booth Shell Head Unit:
13″ x 14″ x 7″

Screen Cut Out:
10-3/8″ x 7-1/2″

Base Plate:
15″ x 21″ with 6″ x1-1/2″



  • Base Plate
  • Main Bottom Upright
  • Main Top Upright
  • Top Head Unit
  • Flash Rod

*** Printer cover sold separately. Why? Because you have the choice of choosing your own printer for this booth


  • 160W Strobe Flash
  • Beauty Dish Umbrella
  • Hot Shoe EOS Rebel T6 Camera
  • Camera A/C Adapter
  • Power Strip
  • 12" All-in-one PC
  • Darkroom 3 Photo Booth Software
  • DNP RX1HS Printer
  • Media Kit (1400 prints)
  • T11 Vision Printer Stand (Upright Stand & Tray)
  • DNP RX1HS Aluminum Cover
  • 4-Port 2.0 USB Hub
  • USB Extension


  • T11 Vision Photo Booth Shell SKB Travel Case
  • DNP RX1HS Soft Bag Travel Case
  • Studio Backdrop Kit


  • We provide you with a list of recommended hardware you will need to complete your photo booth.
  • Support and expert advice just in case you get stuck!


Take our recommendation on photo booth software or since you are building the booth yourself you will have the freedom of choosing your own photo booth software!


Choose any DSLR camera to work with your photo booth. We recommend a Canon T5 or better.

(VERSIONS 3,4,5 & 6)

  • If you already have a Microsoft Surface Pro (versions 3,4,5 & 6) then you are on your way to a new booth! We recommend a Surface Pro 4 Windows 10.
  • Also works with Acer Alpha Switch 12


Jacob Severson

Very impressed with the easy instructions on how to set up the photo booth. The travel road case is a great addition to be able to move the photo booth but it also adds weight to the package. Was very happy with my investment. The helpline has been great and very communicative. I look forward to purchasing another system in the future!

Georgia Hake

The assembly time of the product was so simple and easily done within a few minutes.

Eric Ward

They make sure that the product is delivered safely to my residence.

Brooke C.

My T12 LED package arrived with no issues.

Jean Clement

Got my photo booth and was absolutely satisfied. The travel road case is durable and top quality making it easy to transport the booth to my gigs without worry.

Elizabeth N.

So happy we decided to go with this photo booth. The customer service has been amazing. Highly recommended in buying this if you are in need of a photo Booth package.

Donna Clifton

Best LED photo booth out there! Thanks!

Beverly D.

Product came in great shape! Awesome product, easy to use and assemble at party.

Zachary F.

This is an awesome quality photo booth system.

Bonnie Lopez

This booth was easy to set up and the customer support is also helpful with responses.

Ben Brewer

Upon delivery, the product was safely secured. Did not have a problem with any damage. The travel case is awesome and durable. Overall, I'm excited to use this booth in my future events.

Luke Gibbons

Excellent entertainment for all parties and events!

Andrew Merion

Very happy with the Bella booth, arrived ahead of schedule. Easy to use and set up, also very durable. The app was also easy to use as well. Customer service was really good. Had issues troubleshooting the app and they responded the next day with a solution.

Christian Currey

Super easy to assemble and take down.

Carolyn Hurst

The assemble is quick and easy when getting it ready for events.

Kevin Gabe

Best iPad photo booth. Very easy to set up and works great. The support team is very effective. Highly recommended store!

Seth Turrif

Great and reliable photo booth store! Also, the company is always very fast with responding to any questions or concerns you may have. We will be ordering our next one very soon! Thanks

Bren Berry

Buying my Leaf booth package was my best decision! The company has the best customer service and support for all my concerns and I would recommend RevoSpin to everyone. I'm very happy with my photo booth system.

Lori J.

The equipment arrived in perfect condition, TBH this is the seller from whom I will continue to buy and recommend. Great support team.

Dakota Erskin

Very easy to assemble. The road case is good and durable, fully secured when delivered. They give me informative links with additional Infos. This store is highly recommended for its products and great customer support.

Nelie Hyde

Without a doubt, this is the seller from whom I will continue to buy and recommend.

Cameron Elyard

Happy Customer! I will like say that this machine is well made.

Kara G

This photo booth is a good buy! The machine equipment is functional and easy to set up! I love the LED lights of my booth.